Zoey D. from Nevada

Director of F&B Strategy
I had the perfect job, the perfect guy and just about the perfect life…. until I didn’t or at least I thought I didn’t.  My perfect relationship turned out not to be so perfect and the downward spiral began.  This one thing made me forget everything else that I was so proud of and that made ME amazing.  I had given all my power away and couldn’t see anything else.  I knew I needed help and Larnette was my answer!  Larnette helped me to examine my values, my self-worth and to see my own  possibilities.  She uncovered my truth, to stand in it and believe it.  My truth was that this person was not aligned with my relationship values and what I wanted in my life.  Through this process, Larnette helped me connect to the fact that any one person or past situations doesn’t define me, and most importantly,  I deserve an amazing love.; that my life wasn’t going to suck, unless I let it.  Larnette was there to celebrate with me when we figured that out, together, in a safe place where she didn’t judge, but asked the tough questions to remind me of my values and goals to move forward AND held me accountable to my intentions!
I remember the first conversation we had and I don’t even recognize that girl anymore!  The hardest challenge through the rediscovery of myself,  was actually being honest with myself.  In each session with Larnette, I discovered something unique, sometimes scary, but always something real about myself and what I truly wanted for ME.  It may sound so cliché but it works!  I feel so much better and that’s why I signed up with Larnette.  I have already recommended her to my family and friends who I believe will find great benefit in her coaching services.
 If you are going to do one thing for yourself this year, DO THIS!  You are reading this testimonial to determine if this process works.  Well, it does!  I have a great life and I am continuing to work with Larnette to discover more in breaking old patterns.  My future couldn’t be brighter!


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