Turning Your BUT into WHAT IF

Free Yourself from THE BUT!

Are you feeling chained to doubt, worry, fear or lack of self-confidence to create something different in your life? There is a yearning to bring your greatest desire forward that will lift your entire being. I am the curious type and would like to ask you, “How much longer will you hold onto that chain?”

It’s time to FREE YOURSELF from what is holding you back from being the greatest version of yourself! I totally get it that when your current reality kicks up the dirt of uncertainty, your “I know I need to change what’s happening” has BUT written all over it:

BUT>>>I don’t have the time to work on what I want, or

BUT>>> I’m scared of what others may think, or

BUT>>> I don’t know where to start, or

BUT>>> I’m being selfish to even consider doing what I want because my decision will affect others in my life.

What is the BUT in your life right now?

Here’s a thought of relief.  Just know that it is sooooo freaking normal to hang onto the BUT in your situation, because it keeps you safe from the fear of doing something different and keeps you safe from the fear of the unknown.  Those old stories that created the BUT, no longer serve you! And you know it!  So, think about this for a second…

What would be different if you flipped the BUT script to a WHAT IF perspective?

Flip: BUT I don’t know where to start to WHAT IF I did know where to start?

Flip: BUT I don’t have the time to work on what I want to WHAT IF I carved out the time to work on me?

Flip: BUT I’m scared of what others may think to WHAT IF I didn’t give a poo about what everyone else thinks?

Flip: BUT I’m being selfish to even consider doing what I want because my decision will affect others in my life to WHAT IF I made myself a priority and served ME 1st? What would be the ripple effect to those around me?

WHOOOOAAA! What is the difference in saying WHAT IF?  Yes, CREATION!  Your creativity comes alive as you see the possibilities you can now create for yourself!  You now become the greatest, most inspirational painter, author or sculptor of your own life; sharing the greatest version of yourself for all to see. YOU are now in charge of creating what you want instead of being at the effect of those BUTS!

If you honored what you need from a place of being self-full vs. viewing it as being selfish, the BUT no longer exists and the shift begins in how you approach what you want in your life.

Exercising your POWER OF CHOICE is the channel in turning your BUT into WHAT IF!

You can choose to make a change (or not).  You can choose to feel unsupported in your journey (or not). WHAT IF you had the support to help you gain new insights and provide you with tools to use as you craft who you want to be in each moment without the BUT!

It is time to trust yourself, unlock your possibilities, step into your power and reclaim your life!  Choose to partner with me as I support you in bringing awareness to where you are in this moment and explore where it is that you CAN go.

The possibilities are all up to you!





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