Tashiana P. from Hawaii

Customer Service Representative

“Working with Larnette has been an amazing, life changing experience. I have been able to finally say I am truly HAPPY with not only life itself but MYSELF and the decisions I make! Before my sessions with Larnette I felt like I was in a dark, deep hole that I could never escape from, and I could never figure out how to get out and stay out. I was always worried about the smallest obstacles, wasn’t able to spend much time with my children, confused on what was life’s purpose, stressing about finances and was always so hard on myself because of it. I never knew what I wanted in life and felt like my life was in shambles. Others opinions mattered to me at the time and I let those words and opinions beat me. When things got hard I felt like giving up, curling up in a ball and hiding in a corner until things got better. As if that will work right?! Wrong! With Larnette’s help and motivation I was able to feel free, less worried and I was also able to set my priorities straight. She has inspired me to look deep within me and find my own strength and solutions that would best get me through these crazy obstacles in my life.

Our first session was very difficult, considering others opinions mattered to me and my thoughts and feelings were all over the place. I didn’t know how to open up or feel comfortable sharing information that I held deep within me. Larnette has made it comfortable and safe for me to do so! Larnette has never judged me for the mistakes I have made in my life or what I have been through. I can’t thank Larnette enough! She has been an amazing coach throughout my journey and let me tell you, she’d be a great one for you, too! Thank you for allowing me to voice out everything that was in me.  I am strong, I am free & I am genuinely happy!”


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