Lisa R. from Iowa

Government/Education Professional

 After one 30 minute complimentary coaching session with Larnette, I was in tears – a release of negative, pent up energy from feeling a sense of desperation and hopelessness for four years regarding an aspect of my life was simultaneously replaced with an awakening of hope, worth, motivation, and empowerment. And I didn’t walk away with just feeling good; I walked away with an immediate action plan which is providing motivation to move forward in a positive manner which in turn empowers me even more! In addition, this action plan is something I’ve been doing, but Larnette helped me realize that I didn’t have the required mindset that needed to accompany my positive actions. I was astounded that Larnette guided me to this realization and action just by asking a few exploratory questions. After our session, I immediately burst out loud in an empty room, “WOW!” 

I feel EMPOWERED and I look forward to working with Larnette in creating the life that I want!


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