My Thoughts to a New You

Your True North

Your True North Where is My Life Going? In today’s age of all things technological, we find it cumbersome and perhaps even useless to utilize some of the fundamental tools that may now be considered obsolete. When you want to know the spelling of word you rely on...

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Life’s Dressing Room

Life's Dressing Room Put everything back on the rack except PERMISSION What would happen if you gave yourself permission to LOVE YOUR LIFE?  I asked myself this very question exactly 1 year ago and what hit me right square in the face was…FREEDOM! Giving myself...

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And the Oscar goes to?

And the Oscar goes to… Who do I need to be today? I Win! I Win! Yes indeed I was once in that space of …Which face do I need to wear today? Who do I need to be today so everyone is comfortable/happy? Dang that was so exhausting, but hey, I got to stand on the...

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