Bernadette M. from Illinois

Clinical Pharmacist

“I am forever grateful for Larnette! Before I started our sessions I was quickly falling down a burnt out path of frustration and stagnation with my current job. I felt like I was stuck and my life was destined to be miserable.  I was in a dead end job that made me question why I chose my profession.  It wasn’t until I started my sessions with Larnette that I began to see that I was at a fork in the road and that I needed the motivation to change my path, switch careers and feel confident about it.  I was able to take that next step and with Larnette’s help I was able to see my full potential!  I am now at a job that I LOVE! I feel valued and my happiness has transitioned into a better home life with my husband and children.  I can never thank Larnette enough for her help and guidance to see my fullest potential!”

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